Tyrese’s One-of-a-kind Rolls Royce Van

Due to a recent surge in popularity amongst the rich and famous, some of you may know that the Sprinter Cargo Van is a versatile vehicle from the folks at Mercedes-Benz. Starting at only $35K, this rather utilitarian ride was designed for small businesses but has been scooped up by many celebrities for three main reasons: size, privacy and price. Since the Sprinter is bigger than a limo but smaller than a tour bus it provides ample space for folks who spend many of their days on the road. And, since the Sprinter doesn’t have any windows it provides the type of anonymity the Hollywood elite need to unwind. The price tag, however, is the biggest selling point. With such a low staring price, those who have deep pockets can use their money to customize to their heart’s content, which brings us to our current story. Tyrese Gibson, the singer and actor best known for his co-starring role in the Transformer movie franchise, just tricked out his Sprinter Cargo Van with a custom Rolls-Royce interior. On a recent (and very impromptu) drive from Los Angles to Las Vegas for pizza (yes, pizza), Tyrese and his lifelong friend, a rapper known as The Game, created quite a social media buzz about the customized Sprinter. Apparently, Tyrese even got a few offers to buy the van from him. He declined. Naturally.


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