Ivanka Trump & Cadillac’s New Book

How can one best describe Donald Trump’s little girl, Ivanka Trump? Businesswoman? Writer? Socialite? Heiress? Fashion model? Well, technically she’s all Read more […]


Michael Wright, Rolls Royce & the cops

By Brittney M. Walker Best known for his role as a temperamental singer named “Eddie King” in The Five Heartbeats, actor Michael Wright just got himself Read more […]

Katerina Witt on the BMW C evolution at Canary Wharf.

Katarina Witt’s Olympic Class Scooter

“The BMW C Evolution not only looks cool, but also features cutting-edge technology,” said Olympic figure skating champion Katarina Witt. She was Read more […]


J-Lo, Rolls Royce and (oh, yeah) her Boo

Depending upon which news source you follow, Jennifer Lopez is, or is not, returning to American Idol for the next season. What we know for sure, however, Read more […]


Sarah Jessica Parker, Lexus & Obama

Former Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker is making moves– and not just in Tinseltown. Parker is also making moves on the road courtesy of Lexus. Read more…