Michael Wright, Rolls Royce & the cops

By Brittney M. Walker

Best known for his role as a temperamental singer named “Eddie King” in The Five Heartbeats, actor Michael Wright just got himself into some KING-sized trouble. While trying to park his classic, all-black, 1978 Rolls Royce in Manhattan, Wright accidentally bumped into a police car … with two cops in it! According to TMZ, the officers could smell alcohol on Wright’s breath when they approached the car. Later, when Wright failed the field sobriety test, the talented actor was hit with a DWI and hauled off to jail. The extent of damage done to Wright’s sexy, black Rolls isn’t known at this point, but the arresting officers were later checked out at the hospital for injuries. In more uplifting news, Wright is rumored to be developing a new, dramatic television series involving Matthew Modine.

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