Kia K900 and Ai Fiori Dine & Drive Event


Ai Fiori and Kia Motors joined forces recently to provide us with a NYC luxury experience that I was thrilled to indulge in.

The evening started with a tour of the restaurant, given by star chef PJ Calapa. Attendees were introduced to a behind the scenes experience of the Italian and French Riviera cuisine. Mocktails were served soon after, the most memorable of which was the Smoked Out Coke, a smoky flavored soda that would go well with Jack Daniels at a barbeque.  Afterwards, a line of 2015 Kia K900 luxury sedans lined up outside the restaurant on Fifth Avenue.

I was visually impressed by the Kia K900. The exterior of the white, black and silver models are akin to a Lexus. Once inside, I was blown away by the backseat of the car. The “executive experience” of the back seat, as it was referred to, includes controls for the passengers to make their own adjustments as well as plenty of room to recline. This provides a smooth experience for both the driver and the passengers. The interior has all the features of a luxury vehicle but the one that stood out amongst the busy streets of Manhattan were the insulated windows. it was fairly quiet in the car, despite the surrounding traffic.

After the test drive, we were treated to dinner in Ai Fiori, which exceeded expectations. The night ended with a cookbook signed by Michael White and a gift bag from Kia.

Thank you to Kia and Ai Fiori for a delightful night!

-Aileen Maria
celebrity transit contributor




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