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George Clooney’s Major Romantic A-Game

George Clooney has been quite the romantic lately, whisking fiancé Amal Alamuddin to dinner in Venice on his Gulfstream jet. After a few weeks apart, Read more […]


Queen Latifah & Vespa

Really? Big, bad Queen Latifah gets around town on a Vespa? I mean, we’re not knocking it– we’re just surprised. Now, that’s one way to beat all the Read more […]


Jada Pinkett Smith & Spyder

You gotta love a hot chick on a cool bike … and Jada Pinkett Smith certainly fits the bill. Sure, she’s currently promoting the documentary about Angela Read more […]


Halle Berry & Harley

By SékouWrites You’ll have to take our word for it, but that’s Halle Berry on the back of her beau’s Harley (photo gallery below).  She and Oliver Read more […]


Stacey Dash, Rick Ross & Harley-Davidson

By SékouWrites Actress Stacey Dash is all over the headlines this week because of her abrupt departure from the Queen Latifah-produced TV series Single Read more […]


Zoe Saldana Meets Mr. Harley … Davidson, that is

You gotta love a hot girl and a hot motorcycle! Here you have the best of both. Try not to stare. By SékouWrites My, my, what a nice motorcycle we Read…

Katerina Witt on the BMW C evolution at Canary Wharf.

Katarina Witt’s Olympic Class Scooter

“The BMW C Evolution not only looks cool, but also features cutting-edge technology,” said Olympic figure skating champion Katarina Witt. She was Read more […]