Alec Baldwin’s Wife does yoga in their boat

Hilaria Baldwin, a devoted yoga instructor, likes to post a daily yoga pose on Instagram to inspire us to share in her passion. Mrs. Baldwin uploaded this picture today inside a boat. Alec Baldwin previously owned a 25-foot Chris-Craft Launch but had stated that he coveted a 36-foot Hinckley Picnic. This looks more like the inside of a Hinckley-Picnic. It seems like he finally treated himself! He could definitely use it. He was recently arrested for riding his bike down the wrong way of the street. The police said that he became angry when he was handed a summons and even tweeted the police officer’s badge number. This isn’t the first time the actor’s temper has gotten him into trouble but at least he has a beautiful wife and a lovely boat to calm him down.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.31.02 PM

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