Kim Kardashian’s Garage … Kinda

So, Kim Kardashian is in the news quite a bit right now for her provocative and perhaps even racist photo shoot, but the reason shoe’s on our radar is Read…


LeBron James Promotes Kia K900 Luxury Sedan

NBA All-Star LeBron James signed a deal with Kia to be the ambassador for the 2015 Kia K900 luxury sedan. Word of the deal caused a buzz in the advertising…

Hennessy VS Very Special Brunch

GALLERY: Hennessy V.S Party in New Orleans

Over the weekend, Hennessy V.S held their annual “Very Special Brunch” at Le Foret in New Orleans during the 2014 Essence Music Festival. “Best Man” director Read more […]


@AngelaSimmons Spotting in NOLA #nolacrawl

The daughter of Joseph “Run” Simmons is indeed a car girl so it’s no surprise that the young beauty showed up at the #NOLAcrawl Style Suite day party in Read…


IG GALLERY: #NOLAcrawl Style Suite in New Orleans

If you happened to be in New Orleans for the 20th annual Essence Festival, we hope you stopped by the very first #NOLAcrawl Style Suite on July 5th at Read…


Paris Hilton shows off the new member of her family

Paris Hilton took the newest addition to her household, the McLaren 650S, out for a spin around Beverly Hills yesterday. Of course her longtime Chihuahua Read more […]


Justin Bieber and his Ferrari are being sued!

Justin Bieber is known for his collection of cars, amongst which is his infamous Ferrari 458 Italia. The car turned heads when its white exterior was changed Read more […]